Setlist: May 25 @ Wonderland Ballroom in WDC

A mega show last night at the Wonderland Ballroom!  Three full sets including guest musicians.  A great shout out to say THANK YOU to all the terrific fans that came and danced and grooved the night away with us.  Downloads will be available soon — the show was *loud* so it is going to take a little longer to mix it down to get the quality in range.

Here’s the final setlist from last night’s show:

Set I: Look-Ka Py Py, Since You Been Gone > Harris Groove, Miss You, Funky B, SM, Pusherman > Stuck in Traffic
Set II: Sax/Drum Jam, Ike’s Groove*, Everywhere*, Inner City Blues*, Dirty Bird*, Lamont’s Lament*, Michelle’s Back*, Death Threat*
Set III: State of Yo, People Say, Chameleon**, Put the Funk Back in It
Encore: Night Train
* w/ Glen S. on Guitar
**w/ Johnny B. Goode and Jumpin’ Jack Flash teasers

Check back soon for a link to download!

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