UPDATE: October 3, 2010 Session at Nate’s

Session Lineup: Josh (Bass), Nate (Drums), Tim (Saxophone), Ken (Keyboards:Piano), Sharon (Keyboards:Synth), Jon (Guitar)
Setlist: All Blues, Lamont’s Lament, Put the Funk Back in It, Chameleon, Since You’ve Been Gone > Harris Groove, Miss You, Stuck in Traffic

In the Oct 3 session was a solid run from start to finish.  We tried an experimental ending this week for All Blues, the Miles Davis jazz standard, stepping it down to F for the final few bars for a twist.  I think that’ll need some more work before it’s ready for primetime.  SYBG > Harris Groove continues in the rotation as we work out the kinks on the transition — but expect it to be around for awhile.  Also two more DoS originals, Lamont’s Lament and Stuck in Traffic make appearences.  We are reworking the guitar overlay on both right now, but Tim’s horn just absolutely lights them up.

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