Update: Aug 29, 2010 Session at Nate’s

DoS continues to push the envelop on some instrumental and improvisational jams.  This past session’s lineup featured Josh (Bass), Nate (Drums), Jon (Guitar), and Sharon (Keyboards).  Setlist: Josh & Nate Jam, Fiddling/Setup, Jam in A, Put the Funk Back in it, Since You Been Gone > Harris Intro > Harris Groove, Pusherman, SM, Death Threat

This session we experimented with a new transition for Since You Been Gone & Harris Groove.  SYBG is an upbeat James Brown tune in D.  Stepping up key to E when it was time for a breather — and after a few measures it fell almost naturally into Harris Groove, one of our early originals.  It was completely organic and going back to listen it worked extremely well.  Pusherman (Curtis Mayfield) also enthusiastically emerged back in rotation after a stint on the sidelines.

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